Claims & Recovery

Claims have become just one more aspect of the construction industry. Claims can be as simple as a request for additional compensation for increased quantities to a formal change order. Claims also include requests for time extension and extra money for directed or constructive change orders. Most claims address elements of direct cost, delay, and lost productivity. The Principals of Hanna Consulting Group, Inc. are experienced in preparing professional claim documentation and successfully resolving those claims.

Many of the factors that influence a firm’s ability to achieve project success are outside the direct control of the contractor. When project conditions and circumstances arise that negatively affect a contractor on a job, that contractor is entitled to financial compensation for the losses he/she experiences. The unique characteristics of construction make contract claims a necessary part of the building industry; unfortunately, claims and attempts at recovery of project losses are time-consuming and burdensome on a firm’s employees, income statement, and ability to effectively manage other projects. Hanna Consulting Group can help your company evaluate and prepare a host of different types of construction claims to make sure you receive proper recoveries for losses you have experienced on a contract. Whether the losses are from delays, schedule acceleration or disruption, Hanna Consulting Group can prepare a claim quickly, professionally, and with proven results.

For more information on some of the most common types of claims we handle, please see: