Schedule Acceleration and Compression

Schedule acceleration is defined as an increase in the speed of development or progress from the normal experienced time or optimal time for the type and size project being planned within a given set of circumstances. There are three situations that typically cause schedule acceleration claims:

  1. The owner requires the contractor to complete the work earlier than originally needed.
  2. The owner requires additional work to be performed within the original time scale.
  3. Unforeseeable circumstances outside the control of the contractor cause a reduction of time available for completing the work.

In response to these situations, contractors have three primary options:

In conjunction with major specialty contractor organizations, the consultants at Hanna Consulting Group have recently developed new methods for analyzing the typical responses to schedule acceleration of overtime, overmanning, and shift work that is becoming the industry standard. HCG’s expertise in analyzing and preparing schedule acceleration and compression claims is unmatched: Take advantage of HCG’s unique abilities and experience in your next schedule acceleration claim.