Stacking of Trades

Stacking of Trades describes project conditions where multiple trades are working simultaneously in a single work area. It is a frequent secondary effect of multiple contractors using overmanning in response to schedule acceleration, although it can also occur under normal schedule conditions. Having too many workers in a single area decreases the square foot density available to each craftsman. Construction requires that a worker have his/her tools and materials in close proximity, along with enough room to maneuver, if he/she is to perform a task. Stacking creates congestion, crew interference, and negatively affects productivity.

Being able to accurately quantify how stacking of trades has impacted a contractor is a difficult task. However, the consultants at HCG have performed multiple investigations into measuring the impact of stacking of trades and the findings of this research have been accepted as the new industry standard for evaluating stacking of trades. For your next claim where stacking occurred, let Hanna Consulting Group apply its unique expertise to help your company receive complete and fair compensation.