Litigation Support

Hanna Consulting Group works with contractors, owners, engineering firms, government agencies and attorneys in the litigation process as well as expert witnesses of all types of construction claims and disputes.

Coupled with the highest academic credentials and a huge amount of expertise, HCG’s qualified team of professors is equipped to assist you with technical evaluations, up-to-date scientific analyses, expert witness reports, testimony and preparation of cases, and even attendance at trial.

Hanna Consulting Group can guide you in identifying the key issues in a construction dispute and can assist you in the preparation necessary to achieve a successful outcome.

HCG principals are experienced in providing case testimony as they have testified in or been deposed for many of their larger cases throughout the eastern United States and Canada.

Litigation support services offered by Hanna Consulting Group include:

  • Court Appearances
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Client Presentation

Court Appearances

Hanna Consulting Group can develop questions to assist the attorney with examination questions for deposition. HCG also provides aid to the attorney in prioritizing recoverable causes of action. Support is further provided in presenting the client’s position in the dispute and evaluating audit reports for possible weaknesses.

Expert Witness Testimony

Hanna Consulting Group provides trial consulting services and expert testimony for all types of construction claims and disputes. President Hanna, PhD, P.E., has an extensive background in construction disputes and expert witness testimony. He has been retained as an expert witness in several major cases in the United States and Canada. HCG is qualified and experienced in providing expert advice, rooted in documentary evidence, testimony, and argument, to support you in the decision-making process.

Client Presentation

Hanna Consulting Group helps prepare witnesses prior to testifying at a deposition. Based on extensive experience and training, consultants instruct witnesses in the do’s and don’ts of testifying at a deposition. Consultants further make informed suggestions for trial presentation methods and provide a factually accurate, readily comprehensible and convincing client presentation.